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BLF Speaks: Why Mr. Thorne is Making a Wrong Move

Guest Editorial The drama unfolding in the DLP camp over delay in re-accepting Mr. Thorne to its ranks may be a blessing in disguise. But if- and only if- Mr.…

Barbados Cyber Crime Bill 2023 and the Plot Against Online Privacy

As the Barbados Government pushed for a January 31 deadline for Barbadians to get a digital ID, renewed concern about the security of such IDs raised its head once more.…

Red Alert: Should Barbados Sign New WHO Regulations?

From the assault on their children’s sexual identity through the MOE to crafting of a new constitution, to a suspect national digital ID card to the most recent move to…

The Pied Piper of Barbados and the Globalist Agenda

VIEWS “Barbadians are always looking for a Messiah”. That was the salient point made by retired journalist David Ellis in an “unofficial” Zoom meeting think tank in which the panelists…