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  • Take 2: Inside the Covid-19 Vaccine Product

Take 2: Inside the Covid-19 Vaccine Product

Much of the hesitancy to covid-19 vaccines has to do with the ethicality of the production of the vaccine itself. Project Veritas, a highly respected investigative non-profit organization in the…

Payne Seeks Exorcism for his Haunted Party

Article by Dr. Aldon D. Tull In my previous article, I highly commended Mr. George Payne for speaking out about the involvement of the leadership of his BLP government in…

Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine Faces Hesitancy in Barbados

Sinopharm, the latest covid-19 vaccination procured by the Barbados government, went on offer to the Barbadian public on Tuesday 13 July. Not surprisingly, the reported uptake of the vaccine was…

Barbados Under Curfew Again

At 5.00 PM on Sunday, 11 July the Ministry of Health and Wellness in the Barbados government held a press conference to update Barbadians on the covid-19 situation in the…