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The Ideological Control Strategy of the New World Order

As we said in the last article, Strategy of the New World Order, ideological control is the core strategy of this project, primarily because it drives the other control strategies…

Ideological Control

The Ideological Control Strategy of the New World Order

Globalist Policies Helping to Fuel Hardship in Barbados

The implementation of a fuel tax in Barbados on 01 July 2018 by the Mia Mottley administration was a very calculated, globalist move. As you know by now, the government…

New World Order Update

||World Erupting Against the Great Reset! | Sunday, 17-July 9.22 PM | First it was the Canadian truck drivers, then it was (and still is) Sri Lanka where the people…

Barbados Media Finally Faces Truth About Jabbing Children

In the last two days, two of the so-called established media houses in Barbados have gotten off their editorial prerogative and published something which we have been saying unrelentingly and…

The Pied Piper of Barbados and the Globalist Agenda

VIEWS “Barbadians are always looking for a Messiah”. That was the salient point made by retired journalist David Ellis in an “unofficial” Zoom meeting think tank in which the panelists…

Barbadians “Desperate” for Trustworthy Leadership

The recent outpourings of ordinary Barbadians in the street as well as on social and mainstream media, especially in the last two weeks, must be seen for what they really…