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Arrogance Escalating in Government & Corporate Barbados

It is anybody’s guess whether the Prime Minister’s most recent initiative is going to make any dent into the behaviour of government departments towards Barbadian citizens. If the character of…

NIS Must Step Away From Its Tagline

“More than a contribution…it’s your lifeline”. So goes the tagline of the National Insurance Office (NIS). Sounds good but it is the contention of Barbados Uncensored that the NIS needs…

Pricing and the Reform of Barbadian Corporate Governance Part 1

Article by Dr. Aldon D. Tull We have been forewarned to expect price increases in Barbados as a result of the persistence of the covid-19 pandemic. Fair enough. But it…

Customer Disservice Awards

In the coming weeks, BU will be focusing on Customer Service which is still a big problem in the country, especially but not exclusively from government departments. In the first…