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New Barbados Political Party Releases Name & Philosophical Focus

Barbados newest political party has released its name. It is the BLF or Barbados Liberation Front. This is the second press release by the organization. The first can be accessed…

Breaking News: Barbados to Get New Political Party

When Barbadians go to the polls in the next election there are likely to have a new political entity to contest the elections. While the official name of the entity…

Political Punditry and 2022 Barbados Election Part 2

In the first part of this article we assessed the views of three Barbadian political pundits as reported in the NationNews of Thursday 30 December. Their analysis has had to…

Prospectus of the Barbados Liberation Coalition: Call to Action

The calling of a snap election in Barbados reduces the race to a contest between the two so-called main parties. Or so it would appear. Contrary to unsolicited strategic marketing…