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Barbados Profile Constitutional Reform Challenges Barbados Parliament The Honourable The House – Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 on Vimeo Barbados Parliament – Upper House or Senate

Introducing the Barbados Red Economy

Barbados National Debt: Why it Matters to You Part 4

The Barbados Government is looking to borrow yet more money. This is the logical implication of the Debt Conversion (Counter-Guarantee) Bill 2022 that was passed in the house on 23…

Beyond Price Gouging: The Riff-off Society Part 2 (Construction)

Construction is the one industry in Barbados where you can be assured of a rip-off. In this instalment, we look at construction cost estimation which begins at the point of…

Beyond Price-Gouging: The Rip-off Society Part 1

From time to time we hear charges of price-gouging levelled at the private sector in Barbados. As we have now come to expect, these charges are summarily dismissed by the…

Barbados 2022 General Election Results and the Road Ahead

Lightning has once again struck the Barbados parliament leaving Mia Amor Mottley with another clean sweep of the seats in the 30 member House of Assembly and the prime ministership…

Election 2022: Barbados Uncensored Online Survey Analysis

Introduction In the 2022 election, the four most important issues for Barbadians are (1) national debt, (2) corruption in government (3) quality of service from government departments and (4) employment.…

Barbados’ National Debt: Why It Matters to You Part 2

At the current (2020) debt burden as measured by the Debt to GDP ratio, Barbados has to find $57 more for every $100 dollars it earns to service its debt.…

Barbados’ National  Debt: Why It Matters to You Part 1

As of the end of 2020 every Barbadian owed USD $23,170 dollars or $46,340 Barbados dollars to both internal (local) and external creditors. That is what the term “national debt…