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The Strategy of the New World Order

Ideological Control

Resources that help you understand the all-important issue of how the NWO uses mind control, censorship, the whole woke agenda, communism, persuasion, pseudo spirituality, religion, etc.

Identity Control 

Resources that speak to the attempt to redefine and control human identity, for example, transgenderism. 

Climate Change Control

A page with video, podcasts (audiocasts) and documents relating to climate agenda of the New World Order or Global Reset.

Population Control 

This page contains resources that deal with the issue of population growth and control and how the NWO is using other forms of control e.g. health and wellness to achieve their stated population target.

Health-Wellness Control

Here you will find resources that deal with pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food and nutrition and sexuality and how the NWO is using them to achieve their objectives of global control.

Technological Control 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and nanotechnologies are at the cutting edge of technologies of today and the future.  The resources here bring you up-to-date with these with particular reference to how they can be used to further the aims of a one-world-government.

Money and Currency Control

This is another key strategic area of control used by the NWO.  These resources deal primarily with the issues of digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Some of these resources overlap with those for identity control.