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Israel at WarBreaking News

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is threatening escalation of the Israel-Hamas war  at his organization’s Martyrs’ Day commemoration.  Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy that operates out of Lebanon which is on the northern front of Israel.

CBNs (Christian Broadcasting Network) Chuck Olton brings you on the ground updates from the war zone in Israel.  Chuck Olton is an American war veteran who lives in Panama. His journalism can be accessed at the Hotzone, YouTube. 
For too many people, the current war between Israel and Hamas is the first war they have ever heard about between the Palestinians and the Jews. Many of those on the streets demonstrating at this most recent round of the Arab-Israeli conflict – as it is sometimes called – do not know the origin of the conflict.  You cannot judge who started the war by looking at the latest battle. We hope you find the following video on the wars of Israel informative.
The US military has carried out airstrikes in Eastern Syria against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.  The USA has been coming under increasing attacks from this Iranian proxy. The  Houthis shot down a US Reaper but this is the most significant action by the US so far. 
Alabama Senator Katie Britt states the obvious – but conveniently forgotten fact- that there was a cease fire between Israel and Hamas prior to the morning of October 07.  She made this disclosure in an interview with Fox and Friends in response to a leaked memo from the US diplomatic team criticizing the Biden administration on its support of Israel.