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Discovery: “Discovered” by Portuguese 1536

Settlement:  Settled by British 1627

Significant Era: Slave Plantation Society 1639 – 1834

Independence: 30 November 1966 

Republic: 30 November 2021


Model: Representative (Westminster) Democracy

Complexity: Bicameral (Two Houses) Parliament

Lower House: (30 Seats)

Upper House (Senate): 21 Seats

Administration: Ministerial Cabinet 

Universal Adult Suffrage 1951

Last Election: 19 January 2022

Current Prime Minister: Mia Amor Mottley


Type: Mixed Economy /Free Enterprise System

Gross Domestic Product: Latest IMF Data

Per Capita Income: Latest IMF Data

National Debt: Latest IMF Data

Main Economic Activities: Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services

Main Export: Sugar


Estimated Population:   289,000

Original Peoples: Arawaks

Majority Ethnic Group: Afro-Caribbean,

Other Ethnic Groups: Caucasian, Indian, Asian

Main Religion: Christian

Other Religions: Muslim, Hindu, Bahai


National Flag