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NCF Arbiter Backs Judges’ Disqualification of Pro-Christian Theatrical Entry

Nov 23, 2023

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The arbiter for the NCF (National Cultural Foundation) of Barbados has upheld the decision of the NIFCA judges to disqualify a theatrical entry by Praise Academy of Dance in the 2023 National Independence Festival of Creative Arts.  The first BU article on this contentious matter can be read here.  

Quid Pro Quo

One should not be surprised at all that the arbiter has sided with the NCF/NIFCA judges in this matter.  Since the arbiter, by his own tacit admission, is not an expert in the field of the Arts, he is merely rubber-stamping the decision of the judges.  

More importantly, one also has to raise questions about the connections of the arbiter.  Mr. Nicholls is a government Senator and just as we do not expect him in that capacity to vote against government bills brought to the Senate, we should not expect him to go against rulings made by the panel of judges of the NCF which is a government agency.   The reason for that is simple:

Speaking generally, we as people, have not yet cultivated the integrity of spirit and professionalism that would allow us to challenge the party line when it is appropriate to do so or make moral judgments that shun the very appearance of wrongdoing.  We live by bread alone. 

We can reasonably assume that Mr. Nicholls is paid for his services as arbiter for the NCF.  But whether that is true or not, this is a case of conflict of interest because of his known connections with the government.  In other words, Mr. Nicholls needed to recuse (excuse) himself from the role of arbiter given his obvious political entanglement with the ruling party.

Constitutional Matter

On the other hand, we should not at all be duped by the NCF’s proclamation that the ruling of the arbiter shall be final and binding on all parties.  The NCF is not a court of law, so common sense suggests that the aggrieved party – Praise Academy of Dance  – can pursue this case in a court of law on the grounds of discrimination or whatever grounds its lawyers find appropriate.  We are inspired by the fact that they have now decided to do so.

This is important because, while the NCF rules state who or what can be disqualified in the context of NIFCA, there is no counter-balancing affirmation of the rights of participants NOT to be discriminated against.  For this we have to turn to the Barbados constitution and its guarantees of the rights of Barbadians.

Tolerance Snubbed

Barbadians have always known those who had “ballistic” and similar tendencies in our community. But we have always respected the privacy of these individuals who were once regarded as deviants but have now become “mainstream”.     

Beyond voyeurism, to the best of our knowledge, nobody has ever been known to deliberately walk about with a camera trying to capture acts of bestiality or make a record of the backhoe jobs and phallic impersonations carried out across every stratum of Barbadian society.  

But now that they and their sympathizers have infiltrated positions of authority in our society, they are bent on attempting to force the rest of us, especially our children, to adopt their asinine ideology, if not their lifestyle. 

Queerly, queerly I say unto you, they are not at all happy and gay about being tolerated; they wish to forcefully penetrate and impregnate the entire society with their ideological progeny. 

Call to Action 

With or without the active participation of the Laodicean church in our midst, it is time that right-thinking Barbadians get up off their blessed assurance and resist the radicalized LGBTQ+ or whatever else they will become in the next stage of their journey into unchartered territory. 

And while we are at it, can we get them to acknowledge the true holder of the intellectual property rights to the rainbow?



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