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Barbados Trident ID Card As Proof of Address? LOL?

Sep 24, 2023

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It is strange how many people cry “conspiracy theory” when something negative is said about digital IDs or when people are skeptical about so-called climate change or about the several other globalist “projects”. 

Leaving aside fake news, one is forced to conclude that those who cry “conspiracy theory” at everything they do not know or understand are either too lazy to check for themselves, too unintelligent to reason through the information supplied them (a.k.a connect the dots) or are prepared to believe every and anything touted by the government of the day.

Many – too many – follow the mantra “what yuh don’t know don’t bother yuh”. Tell that to the many people who are now propping up the daisies as a result of the C-19 vexxines. But we digress.

Trident ID

There has been ongoing hot debate about the Trident ID in Barbados for more than a year.  In recent weeks there have been claims that the level of penetration (uptake) of the Trident ID is circa 220,000.  As Winston Clarke pointed out in a recent protest march, given the size of the population (circa 280,000) mathematically that claim makes little sense.  

Of course, if you are not good at elementary mathematical reasoning you will probably cry “conspiracy theory” at that. Notwithstanding Mr. Clarke’s analysis, let us not forget that the Trident ID is also for minors. 

By GIS release on September 22, the Chief Electoral Officer, Angela Taylor is claiming that a pinned Trident ID can be used as proof of address.  Her reasoning is that the card contains the holder’s address and other information and by entering one’s pin, the user can allow the organization to access details such as the cardholder’s address. Here are her exact words:

“Your address, contact information, voting status and other information are on the chip. In order for persons to see the address, you would have to give access and permission via your PIN for the persons who are reading your card to provide…access to your address,”

Anybody who knows anything at all about real living in Barbados, knows that a fella’s “real address” is where he sleeps.  So, a fella will cite his address as “14 Jack Benny Avenue, St. Michael” but actually sleeps at “14 Halls Road, St. Peter”.  Since the house has no number on it, he will even volunteer the info that it is two houses “up” from the rum shop. This too, by the way, is “who we are”.

Of course, we would like to think that the business community is at least a little more intelligent than the average government minister or operative so, if the fella is seeking a hire purchase account from Courts Barbados, for example, he will have to provide additional details as proof of address such as how long he has been living there and whether or not he has any utilities in his name at that location.

So, when the government, through a senior civil servant, tries to goad Barbadians into signing up for and/or pinning the Trident ID by using this not-so-slick advertising ploy, all we can do is LOL!

Location! Location!

If your cranial cortex has not yet read between the lines, consider this.  IF a pinned Trident ID is linked to a geo-location system, all the government or anybody with the right software has to do to find out your de facto address is to study your “location” during your sleeping hours (nocturnal hunters and sundry insane possibly excluded).

That operation is a piece of cake even for your most basic existing data mining software, let alone sophisticated AI (artificial Intelligence). But is not this the same technology that is used in your smart phone? As a matter of fact, it is.  The only problem now is that with the pinned Trident ID even those without a smart phone will be caught in the net, no pun intended! LOL!

We began the above point with the premise “IF a pinned Trident ID is linked to a geo-location system” because the government will deny that any such connection exists. However, whether or not any such connection currently exists is beside the point. What is to be taken seriously is the fact the ability to integrate previously distinct systems is an ongoing digitalization project across the world.  Are you still there?

The truth of the matter is that, at further expenditure of taxpayer’s dollars, the government can integrate this geo-location facility with the Barbados Trident ID at any time it chooses. 

OK, go ahead now and call that conspiracy theory!  Now check this. In Section 15(i) page 26 – 27 of the recently passed Barbados Identity Management Act there is this passage:

Do you see the loophole for making modifications to how the Trident ID works? LOL!

There is More

But that is not all. Take note and pick sense from the statement made by Mr. Kenroy Roach, the government’s Chief Information Officer, who appeared in that same GIS news release with Ms. Taylor.

“…Several other initiatives would be rolled out in the coming months, as the EBC transition from phase to phase. That, he said, would include the validation of addresses that will start next year, in accordance with the Barbados Identity Management Act (emphasis ours).

Don’t you just want to know how they are going to set about the “validation of addresses”? Here’s how:

Major government legislation is accompanied by a set of schedules which are basically the forms and procedures to implement the Act.  What Mr. Roach is most likely referring to is the Fourth Schedule in the Barbados Identity Management Act 2021. It is on page 47 and we have reproduced the form below.

In other words, according to Mr. Roach, in the next few months everyone is going to have to register under the Barbados Identity Management Act and your address is what you declare and will declare from time to time on this form!

This does not contradict the point we made earlier about geo-location. In fact, if you are thinking critically, you will come to the conclusion that this (geo-location) is how they can locate you regardless to what you put on this form.  Imagine a Courts or a Massy not finding you at your Trident ID declared address. What do you think they will do? LOL?

Article by Dr. Aldon D. Tull

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