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Barbadians Awake as Government Becomes Woke

Mar 5, 2023

The term “woke” has taken root in the vernacular vocabulary in roughly the time period that Donald Trump made the expression “fake news” very popular.   For those who are still trying to get their hands around the term “woke”, here is what the Merriam-Webster online dictionary has to say:

Woke is now defined in this dictionary as “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice),” and identified as U.S. slang. It originated in African American English and gained more widespread use beginning in 2014 as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Merriam-Webster further goes on to say:

In AAVE (African American Vernacular English), “awake” is often rendered as “woke”, as in, “I was sleeping, but now I’m woke.”  What Does ‘Woke’ Mean? | Merriam-Webster

Well, nobody in his or her right mind would consider “becoming awake” as in “becoming aware” to be something negative or undesirable.  Except those whose attitude (sleeping or awake) is: Don’t bother me with the facts!”

But does the Merriam-Webster take on woke really enlighten our darkness? Perhaps those who write for Merriam-Webster do not quite understand the difference between surface and substructure, between façade and interior,  between theory and praxis and the more complex activity of social evolution. Here is why we say that.

The Real Woke

We have stood and watched the USA move from one level of wokeism to another: from massive in-your-face election fraud to Critical Race Theory to Gender-Benderism to Defund the Police to the New Green Deal to war mongering and,  in the process, preside over the breakdown of American society right before our eyes.  

By the way, I hope you notice how all of this was accompanied by the attempt to bankrupt ordinary Americans by the trillion-dollar budget deficit the Federal Government was prepared to incur in support of woke policies.  Keep that fact in mind because I suspect you will need it before we are finished.   

Woke in practice, is about diametrically opposing all that society has held onto for so many years in the name of trying to fix what is perceived to be wrong. In so doing, the baby, the bathwater and the diapers are sent flying through the air.

Woke calls evil, good; obvious foolishness, commonsense, the immoral and despicable, virtuous (virtue signalling) and hence, above all, denying obvious facts or telling outright lies.  

So, it was an act of virtue for Supreme Court nominee Judge Jackson to suddenly forget how to define a woman.  After all, it would not be convenient to admit to a polar gender called “woman” if you have ALREADY decided that the polar “opposites” of “male” and “female” no longer apply even if in reality they still exist.    

Later, Michelle Obama, the Michelle Obama, would be “more forthcoming” by floating the concept of “Woman X”.   She, of all people, should know how to “X-out” a woman.

Pssst! I have often wondered what Judge Jackson’s husband thought when he heard her words. But between you and me, I believe he had figured out a way to navigate that disjunction long ago!  But I digress.

Woke is Broke

Even at its “best”, society has never been perfect; Jesus himself said that we shall always have the poor among us.  Being poor is not a good thing at all, regardless to whoever in “the church” thinks so. Being poor in spirit is not the same as being poor in pocket.   

But pray tell us, how does it help to drive up the price of fuel to force people to buy electric cars, the production of which is threatened by the economics of the production of the batteries on which they depend?  

Is it not because you have this mental stronghold that doing so is more caring of the planet and therefore, more virtuous? So why did God in his wisdom give us so many reserves of fossil fuel, estimated now by some to be virtually inexhaustible?

We could ask similar questions for this rest of this column and others to come.  But we will not get side-tracked; let us look to see what is really fueling the woke.

Like the proverbial monkey, the higher the woke climb up their virtue tree, the more their bottoms are exposed.  And now we can laugh – a real Bajan guffaw that you can hear around the block- because now we can see where their real brains are located.    

We can laugh because, almost in the same epoch of time we have seen the rise of the woke in America, we are witnessing its decline. “Woke” after all, is as about as “sustainable” as the idiotic, idolatrous climate policies of its adherents.

Second Hand Woke

Thankfully, most Barbadians are now fully awake while the Government – including some civil servants and several of our democratic institutions – are inhaling the second-hand smoke of the American woke.  

Case in point? One year and one full month have passed since the hastily called 19 January 2022 general election in Barbados. And yet no results, official, pending or otherwise have been published by the EBC (Electoral and Boundaries Commission) which is responsible for the conduct and reporting on elections in Barbados. Perusal of the Electoral and Boundaries website gives the following result. 

Yet the EBC has the unmitigated gall to fact check Mr. Neil Harper on matters which we know to be true.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so here is the link to Mr. Harper’s reply. Blog – Niel Harper.  Read it for yourselves, do the critical thinking and judge who is telling the truth. 

The real issue is that the incumbent government in Barbados is a minority administration and everybody knows or suspects that. It obtained that dubious status by exploiting Barbadians at one of their weakest moments in time on 19 January, 2022.

Fact checking Mr. Harper through the mouth of the GIS is nothing more than a shameless and unsuccessful attempt to shift interest away from the EBC’s failure to publish the 2022 election results by trying to discredit an internationally competent Barbadian computer and cyber security expert on a related matter. 

To see our estimate of the 19 January 2022 results, download from the link below

There was once a time when people told lies and you were hard pressed to find out whether they were telling the truth. Now, with the availability of digital communications, nine out of ten times we can find a record somewhere that contains the truth, even if it is being suppressed.

In this case, we have the interview of Mr. Harper by Marcia Weeks which can be found here as the data set upon which we can examine the veracity of the EBC’s fact check.

So, spin doctor PR professionals and plain vanilla liars now have little choice but to “go woke”, that is, stare you in the face and tell a lie as you see done so often by “the Biden” and other members of the White House.

Remember outgoing Chicago first black, first lesbian Democratic mayor’s denial of the increase in crime in that state even though the figures show otherwise?  

That is “woke”!  Never will the woke admit that they are intellectually and morally broke! So they get broken every time on this ageless, Biblical wisdom:

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues. Proverbs 17: 28 NIV

Someone, somewhere, at some point in time thought it wise to extemporize on this:

It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

Attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

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