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The Strategy of the New World Order

Nov 10, 2022

One of the reasons why people still think the New World Order is a conspiracy theory is because they cannot see it at work even though the players in the NWO now make little attempt hide their activities.

Perhaps the problem is because people see individual events and activities in a vacuum rather than the outworking of a connected, coherent strategy. This is not altogether surprising because most people without a business education have only a vague idea of what the term “strategy” means rather than a good working understanding of it.

In this instalment of the series, The New World Order and You, we try to provide that working understanding of the term and explain how the NWO or Great Reset is going about achieving its ends in plain sight.


Dictionaries offer words such as “plan”, “policy”, “approach” and “scheme” as alternatives for the word “strategy”.  The key concept behind strategy is that it is about how to do something or achieve some goal.

It is interesting that the word “plan” is used as an alternative to strategy. To be more precise, a strategy is one element of a plan. The other element is the goal or objective.  We sometimes use the word “ends” or “end result” as an alternative to goal and objective.

Strategic Thinking

The relationship between these two concepts is that a strategy is designed to achieve a particular goal or set of goals. Trying to find appropriate strategies for particular goals is the basis of what can be referred to as strategic thinking.  

Very often in discussions, strategy and goals get confused and often one has to exhibit a great deal of patience in getting discussants to distinguish between the two.  

Small wonder then, that ordinary persons find it difficult to discern the strategy of the NWO.  Some of the goals seem altogether laudable but when one clearly understands the strategies or methods being used to attain them, the entire enterprise seems much less desirable or downright dangerous.  Such is the case with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases and the radical methods proposed to achieve the specific emission objectives by 2030.

Ordinarily most of us would rule out certain strategies as a means of achieving an objective. For example, if the goal is to acquire enough money to buy a car, most of us would rule out selling illegal drugs as an option.  Some of us might even rule out taking a loan because we might not want to become indebted.

We would make such choices because of our moral principles or value system. However, there are some people who have no reservations or apprehensions about using illegal, harmful or violent strategies to achieve their ends.

It is with this kind of mindset that you have to approach learning about and understanding the New World Order. 

NWO Strategic Plan

In simple terms, the New World Order has a main goal and a set of strategies which are being used to achieve that goal. That goal is total one-world-government and the strategy is total control. It is important to understand that, as used in the context of the NWO, “control” essentially means the severe curtailment or elimination of individual freedom and national political sovereignty because these are perceived as threats to one world government.

The control being pursued by the NWO can be broken down into eight different strategic areas as shown above.  This way of organizing what we know about the New World Order puts ideological control as the central or principal strategy because it infuses, permeates or drives all other areas of control. It also provides a framework on which to discuss different aspects of the NWO enterprise and how they relate to each other. 

Next to ideological control is legal control. This too has a central place because legislation passed both at the national and international level – for example covid-19 protocols and climate control legislation- represents a key tool of control. 

In the next instalment we shall examine the strategy of ideological control in the NWO and how it infuses “new” thinking about gender and the nature of being human both of which are relevant to the NWO project.




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