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Globalist Policies Helping to Fuel Hardship in Barbados

Jul 30, 2022

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The implementation of a fuel tax in Barbados on 01 July 2018 by the Mia Mottley administration was a very calculated, globalist move.

As you know by now, the government recently had to institute temporary economic relief in the wake of the hardship occasioned by the rise in fuel and electricity prices, conveniently blamed here and elsewhere on the Russian-Ukraine war.

The recent fiscal incentives for electric vehicles is also an attempt to implement yet another facet of the globalist project or what is called in America, the “New Green Deal”. 

Perhaps this is all new to you so let’s go the distance and connect some dots.

Great Reset

We can all agree that we could do better in managing our environment. But we have come a long way from pollution. Now we have carbon footprints, carbon dioxide and nitrogen emissions, climate science and global warming to worry about according to the prophets of this movement. 

However, the religious zeal with which governments, the global green lobby and so-called globalist elite across the world push for countries to reduce their carbon footprint, stem emissions and arrest climate change has become a case of “too far east is west”.

If you made the smart move of abandoning the mainstream US media such as CNN, MSNBC and CBS news and found the dozens of new media that have a commitment to seeking and reporting the truth, you already know that this concerted attack on fossil fuels – by taxing them excessively for example – is right out of the playbook of the “Great Reset” or “the New World Order”.

Perhaps, the greatest example of the insane strategy of the globalists can be seen in the USA where the senile President  shut down that nation’s fossil fuel production on the first day of office in 2021 to satisfy both the promoters of the new green deal and the NWO (New World Order). 

The result? Skyrocketing gas prices, an American economy on the brink of recession and a fuming public. 

We here in Barbados are feeling the pinch both at the pump and in our electricity bills,  a veritable “double whammy”.  Hence, the expressions of anger from the public and the temporary but hasty retreat of the government.

The Great Reset is really the Great Upset.

Food Production

The same diabolical, globalist crackpots are now attacking food production predicated on the pseudo-science and cult of climate change.  First it was carbon dioxide and the development of the so-called carbon footprint. Now it is nitrogen emissions that are the problem.

Globalists convinced the Sri Lankan government to get formers there to stop using organic fertilizer to reduce nitrogen emissions. For that, Sri Lanka was to earn the dubious honour of being the first country in the world to adopt so-called “green agriculture”.  But there was no viable replacement.  So no fertilizer, no crops; ergo, no food. 

Therefore, the Sri Lankan farmers erupted, fueled not only by this green agriculture debacle, but also by the high inflation, mismanagement and the country’s enormous indebtedness to the IMF.

If you are thinking that leaders of Sri Lanka were colossally dumb, please note that the shadowy, unelected, global elite certainly are not by any stretch of the imagination. 

Globalists mean what they say about a Great Reset. What they do not tell you is that it is a forced and violent reset because their concept of “reset” means destruction of the existing order and enforcement of their concept of economic utopia.

Dutch Farmers Protest

From the Netherlands (Holland/Dutch) to Italy, from Panama to Peru this globalist asininity has led to the eruption of street violence.  Justifiably so, there have been calls for the arrest of these so-called “global elite” such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab!

The mainstream media is not telling any of this because they are part and party to the WEF (World Economic Forum) the breeding ground of this madness.

Kiwi Twist

Without lessening the seriousness of the threat of the globalist greening intervention to the life and livelihood of Sri Lankans, one can wring a degree of mirth from the likes of the New Zealand Fart Tax which the government there proposed in June this year (RedState June 09, 2022). 

Those who like to split hairs, are saying it should be called the Burp Tax. “Burped” or “farted”, climate change cultists argue that these bovine emissions contain methane which is 80% more warming than carbon dioxide.   Therefore, thus says the NZ government, all bovines shall be taxed.

Dystopian Puppetry 

We see the greatest results of this madness in the USA where a leftist, democratic party, puppet president has virtually shut down most of America’s oil production under the pretext of going green with electric vehicles – which have by no means proven themselves as useful as imagined – and for which manufacturers and potential customers are definitely not ready. 

Then the puppet president drags himself over to Saudi Arabia to ask them to jack up the production of oil to bring down the prices while at the same time he is sending America’s oil reserves to places as friendly to the USA as China. 

Justifiably, Mohammed bin Salman, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia snubbed “the Biden person” on that middle east trip. No wonder he chose to return to the USA in Airforce One by night.  

Home Grown Globalists

It should now be apparent that what this Mia Mottley led administration is trying to do, in not too subtle a manner, is impose these  globalist, “green” policies in Barbados, a country with a fragile and delicate socio-economic balance. 

Of course, acceding to these globalists comes with funds because they (the globalists) have deep pockets. Perhaps, Ms. Motley is just playing them because surely Barbados’ contribution to global warming is next to nil. Everybody knows that the real culprits of global warming are countries such as the USA, China and Germany.

Political Climate

That the political parties  could appear be so unaware of what is going on in relation to the globalist agenda does not augur well for our democracy and our future. 

The DLP, notwithstanding it change of leadership, is still issuing ineffective jabs and insinuating that it is “ready to serve”.   Had Ninja Man intoned that, one might have been more inclined to believe him. In the absence of anything more strategic than an anti-Mottley sentiment on the part of the DLP, we beg to differ. 

The APP, the barely surviving admixture of third parties lacks not only convincing passion but any strategy either to organize and grow itself as a viable party or present alternative critiques of government policy that can be understood and adopted by the public.

We need parties that are alive and kicking, in season and out of election season, in parliament or outside of it.

If there ever was a time when ordinary Barbadians needed to stand up and demonstrate that the people are the ones with the power to stand up against these globalist policies, it is now.  There will always be the mentally challenged, sundry yard fowls and personality worshippers who will uncritically accept the status quo and never look beneath the surface.

The worst case scenario is that as we wander around in the economic wilderness like the unbelieving Israelites – with any luck, not for 40 years- many of these persons will just be helping to “prop up the daisies”.  


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