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Barbados Ministry of Health “Lost in a Masquerade”

Apr 11, 2022

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When George Benson penned the song “Lost in a Masquerade” several years ago I doubt he had in mind the images of millions of people “masked up” because of fear of the deadly Spiked Monster. 

But as we shall see shortly, what he intoned in that jazzy composition is all too relevant to the love affair we seem to have with said Spiked Monster.

I sincerely hope there is going to be some form of Pic of De Crop in Barbados this year so that our calypsonians can do justice to the volume of “crown” material floating around in the atmosphere, just ripe for the picong. 

I am mindful, however, that that hope may be dashed if all of the calypsonians who might be equal to the task have succumbed to the Novel Miasma-30 Largesse that has gone viral, especially since the January 19 elections this year.

But I suppose such an auspicious event (Pic of De Crop I mean) depends on the Ministry of Health and Wellness having, like Saul of Tarsus, a life-changing experience on the road to De-mask-us sooner rather than later.


Maska Day Done

In the last two weeks we have heard complaints from the tourism sector about the persistence of mandated mask wearing in Barbados.  No surprise there since countries in Europe, our main long stay tourist source market, have one after the other done away with all VAMMs. 

Everybody in Barbados and across the cricket loving world has doubtless seen and heard of the maskless cricket events at our premiere cricket ground, Kensington Oval, early this  year.

On April 04, the Grenada government officially abolished all VAMMs. Grenada as you know is a competing tourist destination. 

As the NationNews report of April 05 pointed out, this abolition came “one month before the state of emergency (SOE) was due to have expired”. 

Smart people…VERY smart people!

While Bajans enjoy the accolade of being the most highly educated (i.e. certificated) country in the Caribbean, it is often left behind with regard to proactive practical  commonsense.  But I digress.

For the Love of Circus

On March 30, in contrast to the Grenadians, the Barbados Chief Medical Officer and his masked synchronized circus danced under the direction of retired journalist David Ellis now turned government Spiked Monster mouthpiece. 

A seemingly bemused press invoked the strategy of White House Press secretary Jenn Psaki by cycling back to community spread which, in our view, is a no-brainer. As expected, Dr. George the Chief Medical Officer dispatched that for an easy six.  Thus emerged the theme of this televised Movement in D-flat Minor:

“No lifting of mask protocols yet, 

We still doing vexxines, check!

We in out of the woods yet”.  

As another George – George Benson – sang in the opening lines of the captioned jazz piece, you could see that they were kind of asking themselves:

Are we really happy here,

with this lonely game we play?

Looking for wo-rds to say?

The few of us who attended the live online event, strained to extract the logic of the arguments presented, punctuated as they were, by interruptions of the invited press corps, elements of which exhibited much less deference to Mr. Ellis than usual.

So much so that Mr. Ellis had to ask them to mute their microphones on no less than three occasions.  Perhaps we are wrong and it was just plain ignorance as to how to mute a microphone.

Here is a short  audio extract that illustrates what we said in the last few paragraphs:

Dr. Phillips, another member for the MOHW agreed, however reluctantly, that the more testing that was done, the greater the incidence of positive cases of the Spiked Monster would appear.

We call that circular thinking much like the circular arguments they have been using all along. Perhaps it is more like a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Months ago even the WHO opined that this intense testing was no longer productive and most importantly, UNSUSTAINABLE. Apparently that pronouncement was received only by the WHO Press notifications inbox at Barbados Uncensored.  Perhaps it is a question of how we interpret the Queen’s English?

Therefore, why these highly educated 98%+ literate people continue to bray as they do is beyond me. Something in the sanitizer you think? Oxygen deprivation from mask wearing, perhaps?  

Distrust On Steroids

Seriously, if these official healthcare professionals think that they can reverse any of the distrust we have developed in them by prevaricating and pretending to be caring about the spread of the Spiked Monster and potential deaths, they are men and women most miserable because most of us already know what is happening with c-19 protocols across the world.

In fact, given all that we now know about the Spiked Monster illness and about the “treatments” for it, we are now forced to ask the ominous question: 

How much are “they” being paid by “them” to mamaguy “us”?

It’s Diabolical!

This global health-crisis-cum-plandemic has drawn out the venom of the twin demons of pathological lying and vindictive, suppressive dictatorship in full.

From the election-stealing Brandon to the dictator Fidel Castro Jr. in Canada; to big media like CNN; to Big Pharma like Pfizer; to sundry bought and paid for medical professionals; all seem to think that this is freedom annihilation season.

Just listen to White House press secretary Psaki climbing higher and higher, exposing herself in her response to the issue of test positive Peloski kissing Joe Biden:

Even the less analytical should begin to see that these twin spirits of lying and totalitarianism are being exposed and rooted out especially in their twin capitals of Washington and Beijing.

So what do we have here in Barbados? We said it in our title and all through this article: the Government is lost in a masquerade!  

“The vexxines shafe” is no longer funny.  Somebody needs to give Dr. George and his team the memo: ALL VAMMs must go.  Just like the outdated “vexxines’!

Are they waiting on a coalition of private sector interests and irate Barbadians to lock down the streets in protest of these remaining VAMMs, unlikely though that might be?  

Although it may be perceived as harsh to say so, what the MOHW needs to do is let Barbadians get back to “normalcy”. Some – including the vaccinated – will catch c-19 and pass away. Dr. George has indicated as much will happen even with vaccines.  However, if there is one thing we now know about c-19 is that the vast majority will survive and that that surviving remnant will be caught up in the clouds of natural immunity! 

We sincerely thank the healthcare professionals in the MOHW for their services over the last two years but let us give them another week to see if they are not only 98%+ literate but half as smart as their Grenadian counterparts!


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