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Kicking Out Kovide and the KKK

Feb 2, 2022

We predicted that it would not last beyond the middle of 2022. So far we are on target.  The UK and now several other European countries notably Denmark have given it a jump kick! 

German scientists have recommended that “Gargling with a lukewarm solution of water and salt” or “a semi-hot solution of Abmonak” several  times a day can keep kovert kovide at bay!

P.S. We are not offering medical advice be we go further to say that you need to keep all your air passages clear. That includes not only the throat but the nasal area and its extension to the inner ear.  Those who regularly experience acute sinus problems and stuffy nose should ask their pharmacist or doctor to recommend a nasal spray.  You do what you have to do.

As we have suspected and many persecuted doctors and other experts have known all along, Kovide is just a very bad case of the flu caused by the same old Sars-2 virus. So there is nothing “novel” about it!  

But it is (was) not bad enough to lock down whole countries, prescribe useless masks and implement draconian emergency laws! Now people across the world are waking up to the plandemic and kicking out Kovert Kovide!  Enough is enough!

Previous to their gargling recommendation, we understand that a few Germans and others had given the Kovert Kovide Kabal (KKK) a severe karate chop with the filing of a genocide suit in the International Criminal Court against those involved in what can now be called the “covid-19 plandemic”.  Documentary evidence of the filing can be found here.

People like Daszak (seen here in a Washington Post photo) as well as the enfant terrible team of Tony Fauci and Bill Gates are named in the suit. They will have their day in court and we hope that justice will be swift. Hajime!

To the far north where our Canadian comrades led by the truckers and now joined by the farmers are side-kicking Kovert Kovide and Prime Minister Trudeau’s butt all in one go. Two for the money is good value! “BOGOF’ as we Marketing specialists would say.

These and other actions elsewhere may lead to a short “black out” in food and other commodities. Nothing to panic about! Think of it as the price of rooting out evil.

Trudeau, like Mia Mottley here in Barbados, was recently re-elected  2021 in a snap election. He was one of those leaders whose administration had persecuted the Christian church and mandated vaccines in Canada.

Back in August 2021 the New York Times had this to say of Trudeau’s snap election:

The prime minister hopes his handling of the pandemic will help his Liberal Party win a majority in the House of Commons. Opponents say voting amid a Covid surge is dangerous.

Why does this sound so familiar! You can always spot the globalists. They cling to power by any means and at all costs! But here is a bit of truth serum: there are 7.9 billion of us to a few thousand of them! No wonder Bill Gates and his impious ilk want most of us dead!

Meanwhile in Barbados, the state of emergency still exists, notwithstanding the fact that tourists can be seen at and around the environs of beaches without masks. At the same time Barbadians are dutifully wearing their long-known-to-be-ineffective masks. 

It is time we begin posting pictures of this horrible hypocrisy. Hajime!

Every year people die from the common flu. This year will be no exception. Neither 2023.  That is what they mean when they say we must “learn to live with covide-19”. In many ways we always have.  It is just that they want us to take their boosters and therapeutics  every year.  Kling! (Sound of cash register).

Vaccines are supposed to PREVENT you from getting a disease and for a long time. People who are vaccinated against polio do not catch polio!

That is why big pharma and its media puppets have had to change their tune and say that covide-19 vaccines PREVENT SEVERE ILLNESS after a significant number of so-called “break through cases” were exposed.   

As many others have said (including  health specialists) a healthy life-style of nutritious food, appropriate exercise and rest are the effective weapons against the flu and many lifestyle diseases.

In the meantime, oblivious to the unravelling of the kovert kovide kabal, the senile thief and giggling jackal in Tyler Perry’s White  House, aided and abetted by the FDA and CDC, are calling for the vaccination of babies six months old.  May the good Lord cancel them all! Chop!

Here in Barbados, the CMO has announced that children 5 -11 years old will be vaccinated.  See our article and extended response to this here or click the image below.

As the old adage says, “there is a place for everything and everything in its place”.  In the case of these kovide kabal vaccines, never-ending boosters and vaccine mandates, that place is 19 kilometers deep into the anatomical hinterland of those in big pharma, big government and big media right where the sun refuses to shine.


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By Editor

3 thoughts on “Kicking Out Kovide and the KKK”
    1. Thank you for your comment. However, the first thing you and other readers need to do is to check carefully what we DID NOT SAY. The article which we referenced does not say that anyone was under any death penalty. We cited a source which claims that a filing was made in the ICC.
      Assuming that filing is true, we do understand, even if you do not, that the ICC has to agree to hear the case as in any court where jurisdiction is an issue. For that reason we checked the ICC website to see whether the case was listed. It is not.

      All that may mean is that the ICC has not yet decided whether it will take the case. The world is still in the grip of big pharma and big tech.

      At first blush, you yourself appear to be a victim of conspiracy theory because you seem blissfully unaware that some of these fact checking organizations are in fact created by and are tools of big pharma and big tech such as Facebook, Google and Twitter which still censor posts and cancel people.

      However, since you are hiding behind a Surfshark VPN that would suggest otherwise! Nice try!

  1. ‘Wow’ and double ‘wow’….this sums it all up and needs to be ‘plastered’ on every pole in B’dos for those who don’t have access to technology to see.Trust me when I say most Barbadians are wide awake and are ready to fight for their freedom ! Scare tactics MUST stop ! Those whose release certificates are with held from them must condem such and speak out ! Bajans are tired of this farce !

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