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End of Global Health Crisis in Sight?

Dec 22, 2021

The pandemic could be solved quickly if politics is thrown out. That is the view of Dr. Ben Carson, former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Trump administration. He was speaking on the Epoch Times EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” aired on December 18 this year, 2021.    

Dr. Carson was referring to the medical politics that has pitted vaccines against known drugs and therapeutics such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.  The American Thought Leaders guest cited the low incidence of covid-19 in West Africa attributing it to the use of anti-malarials there, particularly hydroxychloroquine.

Warp Speed Out

Perhaps the pandemic could be solved even more quickly if people knew the truth about the virus and the pandemic itself!

That truth we are looking at is a chilling blend of political, geopolitical, economic and social engineering that is calculated to boggle the mind. It is a truth that many suspected but few will find easy to swallow. Perhaps, all but the hard core refuseniks.

In a video that predictably does not appear on Youtube, Dr. David Martin discusses with three German colleagues, irrefutable evidence that shows that the corona virus is not novel after all and that there is collusion and interlocking relationships between those who hold the patents for the virus sequence and the tests for the same.   

He calls the covid-19 pandemic a “manufactured illusion”, an unflattering characterization of a health crisis which has taken millions of lives across the world.   

Dr. Martin also exposes the so-called new variants and confirms what many of us had already suspected but could not state in scientific terms.  

This is a video you have to watch for yourself. It is available here or here on Rumble. Like we did, you should also check some of the sources, mostly patents, referred to by Dr. Martin.

We can only speculate on what will happen when this truth becomes generally known and understood.  Already resistance to covid-19 vaccines has become entrenched in some places. How will those who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna  vaccines react?  This could prove to be uncharted territory with possibly some very angry days ahead.  Law suits will doubtless fly in all directions.

It also means that we should think very carefully about letting our children be vaccinated. 

Regardless to whether Dr. Martin is right, wrong or partly right, we can all agree that we have had enough of covid-19. We therefore invite you to help us bring some spiritual force to bear on this virus, especially at this time of the year.    

The article, “In Sovereign Court of Heaven: Petition against Covid-19” available here , is a tightly worded prayer of petition concerning the pandemic. We ask you to offer up these petitions with us so that we can swiftly bring this pandemic to an end.  Prayer changes things!  


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