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Barbados: Birth Pangs of a Republic BTN Weekly Report No.2

Nov 26, 2021


Reply to Wickham and Humanists Barbados Part 2

In part 2 of this reply we examine the notion of Barbados as a secular state and the desire of a segment of the society to do away with concept of God post republic. 

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Has Barbados Fallen For China’s Strategic Deception?

A recent report by the NationNews alludes to Chinese taking over land from a Barbadian citizen in Maxwell Barbados. This government has made this country a servant of China by its extensive borrowing from the Chinese government.  Perhaps the Chinese are beginning to collect in kind? What do we really know about China? This article attempts to enlighten.

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EMA Backs 5 -11 Vaxxing But WHO on “Steady

According to the Epoch Times the EMA (European Medicines Agency) which is Europe’s equivalent of the FDA in the USA,  has now come out in favour of the jab for children in the 5- 11 age group.  But do we need to issue a caveat emptor here?

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BU Poster Campaign Up and Running

Barbados Uncensored has launched this poster campaign to bring some balance to the  controversy over the transition to a republic and identify with Barbadians who feel their religious heritage is under attack over the transition.

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