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Has Barbados Fallen for China’s Strategic Deception?

Nov 25, 2021

In my previous article on China and the covid-19 virus available here, I sought to heighten awareness of the danger that China (meaning the Chinese Communist Party) poses to the world and our way of life. In this sequel, I try to provide some further assessment of China in terms of its world domination strategy and prospects for the freedom of the Chinese people.

Article originally published on Linkedin under the title: China’s Strategic Deception and Western Values

Big, Communist and Expansionist

China is a communist country. Fact! But that fact by itself should not raise an eyebrow or endanger a false eyelash. By itself, it is non-threatening. Cuba, Barbados’ practical next door neighbour, is a communist country. #Barbados – or #Bim as the #Barbadosdiaspora likes to refer to her – together with the rest of the Caribbean, have very good relations with Cuba. In fact, just before Covid-19 descended upon our hapless heads, Cuba sent us a contingent of nurses to assist with the shortage in the country.

Fact: China is the largest communist country in the world. It has an estimated population of 1.4 billion. Notice I said: “estimated”. In China you have to estimate most things, if not everything. This is what we have painfully learned from the covid-19 crisis. Everything seems to be a state secret in China. In the West, we value transparency. It is one of the values upon which representative democracy is founded and, therefore, one of the very good reasons why we must resist Chinese cultural penetration and #stoptheccp

Those schooled in strategic marketing management remember that, not so long ago, China was discussed as a BEM (Big Emerging Market), a term derived from “emerging market economy”. The latter term, according to Anne Sraders was first used in 1981 by Antoine W. Van Agtmael of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank.

The designation “BEM” came with strategic marketing advice on how to “target such markets”. Well, China beckoned and the West jumped right in, ignoring all the warning signs of the trap into which it was falling, for example, China’s insistence on market entry via joint ventures, especially for technology companies. 

But as they say in direct marketing TV: “There’s more!” Amazingly the West (viz the USA), allowed Chinese companies to list on their stock exchanges without the level of transparency demanded of other companies. Why was China exempted? The CCP claimed that the financial details required by the stock exchanges were “state secrets”. It is only now, with the aid of Chinese defectors such as Guo Wengui that we realize the full extent of what China really meant by “state secrets”!

Guo Wengui in the Kyle Bass video “CCP Chipping Away at America”

Well, the stock brokers and bankers did a Chinese back flip and rollover and China was “in”. As they say, the rest is history.  One of my calypsonian countrymen – stage name Invader No.3 – would call the behaviour of the West: “Dollars Without Sense”. I call it “money without morals”; same difference!

Anyway, now that the predatory global financial policy of China has been revealed, strenuous efforts are being made to get the pale horse back into the “NOT OK” corral. Did I not read somewhere in the Good Book about being “unequally yoked together with unbelievers”? Wasted advice!

But the issue of “estimation” in China is not only a statistical issue that relates to the sheer size of the country, as you might think. It is also about what I call PSD (Pathological Strategic Deception). By that I mean that deception, especially through lying, is both a systemic disease, as well as part and parcel of China’s modus de operandi for world domination. It is a point that Guo Wengui made repeatedly in his interview. Are all Chinese liars? No. But in a country of circa 1.4 billion not everyone has to be; only those strategically placed.

Dragon on the Move

China is an expansionist, communist country. That is what is different and at the same time, scary about China. The dragon is not content to keep its communism and culture to itself, it wants to export it. Why? Well, why not? For starters, it is good for business and its economic growth. 

As part of its expansionist policies, the CCP offers countries the opportunity to imbibe Chinese language and culture, Kung Fu and Confucianism through its Confucius institutes. These are usually offered on a platter to educated but often uncritical people in places as diverse as Nigeria and the university campuses of the USA and behold, the university campus of the West Indies, Barbados! Incidentally, see one of the video resources at the end for a look at what they did in Jamaica’s economy.

No alt text provided for this imageThe CCP’s policy makes good marketing collateral (pun intended) for China, in that it facilitates its quest to secure economic advantages as well as garner supporting votes in the UN assemblies.

But let’s get some balance here. Was Great Britain not guilty of similar expansionism for about four centuries? Hong Kong, once a British colony on the mainland China, was returned to Beijing in 1997 as promised. Of course, in stark contrast to the British, China has now reneged on its promise to leave Hong Kong’s autonomy intact with the passage of the Hong Kong’s national security bill on 28 May 2020.

As the British might very well say, “Blimey, that’s bloody deception, old chap!”

Well, what about the USA? Has it not sought to expand its influence and spread democracy across the world a la Vietnam, Cambodia, and currently Iraq and Afghanistan? And did not China suffer at the hands of both the USA and Britain? Absolutely! This is indeed the suggestion made in the critical review of the relationship between China and the USA in this John Pilger video.


There are those, whom some might call CCP apologists, who believe that China is not interested in ruling the world, just looking for respect. That is the view of Eric Li, seen here in an interview with John Pilger. Eric Li in John Pilger video

So how do we characterize the CCP’s trying to control the money markets, taking over large swaths of lands and other assets in foreign countries through the “debt trap”, having control of critical technologies or controlling parts of the ocean used by significant portions of the world’s commercial traffic, systematic spying and espionage? It is just semantics. Tomato vs. tomata. More precisely, it is strategic deception.

Clash of Values

But Eric Li is quite correct on one count: it is a clash of values. The reader may very well ask: does it all matter; why not live and let live? Let me ask you a question. How do YOU want to live your “everyday life”? With a government deciding how many children you can have? Persecuting you for your religion? Crushing you for protesting against injustice a la Tiananmen Square 1989? Restricting your travel? Imprisoning you for your opinion? Seizing your business when it reaches a certain size? Spying on your every move? Harvesting your organs while you are yet alive!  

Tiananmen Sqaure protesters 1989I thought not. But that is precisely what Chinese people experience EVERY day. Therefore, the real problem is definitely about values; in other words, what we hold important and dear to life, including life itself. Western culture, despite its shortcomings, values freedom: freedom of association, freedom of religion; freedom of travel, freedom of speech; freedom to be white, freedom to be black; freedom to have green eyes, freedom to have brown eyes; and with regard to sexuality, freedom to be straight or bent, DC or AC.

We do not have to agree with each other’s choices, only respect them to the extent of not judging them (the people, that is) or certainly not persecuting those who make those choices. I abhor homosexuality but I will not pass judgment on individuals who practice it as a lifestyle. Therefore, I can support any legislation that protects the right of homosexuals to live and be free of any form of persecution or discrimination.

However, freedom does not mean that we cannot seek to market one’s ideas to others, in other words, proselytize. That is one of the things that makes western society rich, interesting and dynamic. The counter to proselytizing is always freedom of choice. Construing the term very broadly, we can argue that Macys and McDonalds proselytize; so also do Green Peace, Amnesty International and political parties. Of late, leftist forces are pressing for religious groups to be deprived of the right to proselytize. As I said, Western society is not perfect!

But the situation in China is something else. Brutal religious and cultural suppression – yes, cultural suppression – is a both government policy and practice. Do you understand now the utter hypocritical bastardy of the Confucius Institutes? There they go across the world spreading what they call Chinese culture when at home they suppress the ethnic minority Uyghurs! 

In truth and in fact, what the CCP calls “Chinese culture” is an artificial, revision of that culture achieved through the purges of the Cultural Revolution and much spilling of blood. For those who care to check, the “true Chinese culture” (with its “good” and “bad”) fled to Taiwan many years ago with the 1949 voluntary exile of Chiang Kai-shek. Therefore, Taiwan is a standing counterpoint to and repudiation of CCP culture.

That would explain why China wants to “reabsorb” and “re-programme” Taiwan and Hong Kong although, unlike the latter, which is actually on the Chinese mainland, Taiwan is a vibrant democratic island state. So not only must we battle to #stoptheccp but also actively support Taiwan and Hong Kong who are on the front line of CCP propaganda and belligerence.

Enter the Borg

One of the problems of the West is its intellectual superficiality; sometimes- all too often – it sees through a glass darkly. There is a big difference between cultural integration and cultural assimilation, the latter being what the CCP practices, despite what it says. Strategic deception, we call it here. Interested readers can review the discussion here to disambiguate themselves of these two terms. 

If after that, you still have difficulty understanding cultural assimilation, the Borg of Star Trek fame can straighten you out:

  “We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

Jean Luc assimilated by the Borg Star trek image

There is some evidence to suggest that the brutal cultural repression in China, especially of the Uyghur and Falun Gong is due partly to the CCP’s fear that it cannot meet the aspirations of the Chinese people and therefore, is trying to prevent a revolution. That would partly explain why it seeks to re-absorb Hong Kong, is openly threatening to take democratic Taiwan by military force and is cementing its position (pun intended) in the South China Sea. 

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luTPMHC7zHY

All of the foregoing should make free countries resist China’s cultural overtures. Such overtures are definitely imperialistic. It took the covid-19 pandemic to shock Western governments, industrialists and some developing countries into that reality. Until now, all of them, in the name of financial gain, had turned a blind eye to the machinations of the dragon.

Zhang Lijia, Chinese journalist. Source: John Pilger. Is America Destined For War With China?The global outpouring around the concept of #blacklivesmatter in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd is ample testimony to the inviolability with which freedom and justice are regarded in the West. CCP officials gloated at the unrest that followed in the USA in the wake of Floyd’s death. “Can’t happen here”, I imagine they were thinking. But as Chinese journalist Zhang Lijia (seen here in this still from the John Pilger video) had to admit when asked about another revolution in China: “One never says never”. 

Perhaps the days of the CCP are numbered, but it is definitely going to get worse before it gets better! 


Dr. Aldon Tull, the author, is a retired educator who holds a Master of Science in International Marketing and the Doctor of Education. 

He can be reached at editor@barbadosuncensored.com on 246-228-3720 or 246-846-3191 (Whatsapp)


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  2. Insightful, supported with facts, and the usual humor. This emerging problem needs further exposure. Looking forward to more articles on this topic.

  3. Insightful, supported with facts, and the usual wit. This emerging problem needs further exposure. Looking forward to more articles on this topic.

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