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Covid-19 Conference Combines Faith with Science

Nov 14, 2021


Saturday 13 November, 2021:   A consortium of physicians, scientists and frontline professionals including attorneys, participated in a conference to discuss insights and analyze findings regarding COVID-19 treatment and care.

Billed as “Faith, Health, and Hope Global COVID Summit” the conference was held in Kansas City and live-streamed by NTD a division of Epoch News.  The discussions were expected to place particular emphasis on the issue of COVID-19 vaccinations for children.

The full 8-hour conference is now available on Youtube here.  However, Epoch Times has broken the video of conference into four parts which are now available on their website

For the benefit of Barbados Uncensored followers, we bring you our top five takeaways.

Takeaway NO.1

The covid-19 virus was manmade with input from the Chinese military. It was intended by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to be lethal and affect the human brain.  This was part of the report by a top Chinese virologist participating in the conference  Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

Takeaway NO.2

One of the salient key pieces of information presented by host of the conference, who is herself a qualified physician involved in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, is that there are no currently FDA approved vaccines in use in America!  All of the vaccines currently in use have EUA status only. EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization. What this means is that there no long-term studies on the effects of the various vaccines in use. 

Takeaway NO.3

There are serious issues with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.  This was the case made by physician Dr. Richard Amerling and expert presenter Dr. Richard Fleming who is not only a qualified and experienced physician but also a credentialed lawyer who holds the J.D (Doctor of Jurisprudence). Dr Fleming presented microscope images and video which showed that the Pfizer vaccine removed the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells in the body. 

Takeaway NO.4

Various presenters reported on their successful use of alternative approaches to treating covid-19 including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin D.  

Takeaway NO.5

The conference has come out strongly against vaccines for children. Statistical evidence was presented to show that the infection rate among children is still extremely low.

We strongly recommend that you take time and listen to this conference with an open mind.

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