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Is China’s Day of Reckoning Up Ahead?

Nov 10, 2021

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All freedom loving people should take note of what looks like an impending war between China and Taiwan in the South Seas. 

Taiwan is an independent democratic island state in the South Seas about a hundred miles from mainland China. The latter is ruled by a one-party government, the CCP, which is headed by de facto emperor Xia Jinping.

Tsai Ing-wen, seen here in a Caribbean News Global image with Denys Springer of St. Lucia, is the democratically elected president of Taiwan.  When the communists took over mainland China in 1949 the government of Chiang Kai-shek fled to Taiwan and started an independent state there.

The threat of war on Taiwan is real as Gravitas/WION news reports.


You may have heard that Hong Kong, which unlike Taiwan is a city on the mainland of China, has been taken over by the Chinese Communist Party which has essentially put an end to democracy there.

If this war between China and Taiwan takes place and Taiwan is taken over, it will have multiple impacts even in the Caribbean.  Besides the economic impacts, every other democracy of the world will feel threatened by bullying China.  Some European leaders have made this point.

The problem is that, being purveyors of double-speak, none of these leaders so far, seems prepared to take strong measures against communist China which has devastated their economies and those in the Caribbean by manufacturing and allowing the Wuhan virus to spread to the rest of the world.

China was noticeably absent- both in body and bytes- from the recent COP26 Climate Conference in Scotland.  It had no credible excuse.

Its absence may have everything to do with the fact that it is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases and that its downright lying and deception have caused the world to be in the current  health and economic crisis.

However, the reality of the  threat of war against Taiwan has brought together several countries of the world against Xia Jinping’s CCP government.  Four countries in particular:  United States, Australia, India, and Japan also known as the “Quad”, have joined military and other forces to counter China’s threat in the South Pacific.

Based on her statements in the international media, the PM of Barbados seems to think she is an equal partner with communist China and Xia  Jinping.  It is a pretty laughable yet dangerous posture to adopt considering China’s financial, military and technological might. 

Barbados is financially exposed to China to the tune of some 490 million (circa half-billion) dollars. 

While China’s loan terms many be concessionary compared to other international entities, the influence peddling it expects to get in return from these concessionary financial terms is well known.  

For example, China will expect countries under its financial thumb to vote with it or at least abstain from a vote if the resolution is not in its favour in bodies such as the UN.

This idea that we must borrow money at all costs (pun intended) is a paradigm which we in Barbados and the Caribbean must reject.  As so-called Christian societies, we ought to embrace the Biblical wisdom that  “the borrower is servant to the lender”. 


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