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Second Member of Mottley Government Steps Back from the Moral Precipice

Oct 13, 2021

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By Dr. Aldon D. Tull

It is very refreshing to hear that another member of the ruling BLP has taken our advice and stepped back from “the steep moral precipice” being carved out by its leader.

Notwithstanding his evident commitment to the party, Mr. Payne can now be certified “Still Ballistic” having retreated from the emasculatory influence of the party’s leader.

It now remains to be seen whether other members of the party will retrieve their golf balls themselves or wait for a caddie to oblige.

Mr. George Payne, QC and MP for St. Andrew, made his position very clear in a forceful speech on the Prevention of Corruption Bill 2021 yesterday, Tuesday 12 October, in a sitting of the House of Assembly.   

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that Mr. Payne was distancing himself from the person at the centre of the recent scandal in which his government sought to have Radical Investments source doses of Astra Zeneca for Barbados.

Astra Zeneca, unlike other vaccine makers has committed to selling its vaccine at cost. 

Neither does one need special intelligence to construe that Mr. Payne is distancing himself from the Prime Minister and party leader who always “got this” and who maketh “all big works” to happen.

Moreover, now that we have watched in full HD the things she can do “bout hey”, we are left to wonder why we “gave her the vote” in 2018.

Perhaps one day, on reflection, the Prime Minister will be able to agree with Stacy Lattisaw’s, “I found love on a two-way street and lost it on a [Maloney] highway”.

We first used the phrase “steep moral precipice” as part of our recommendation to Mr. Jeffrey Bostic to resign as  Minister of Health and Wellness as a matter of principle, given that his Ministry was technically responsible for the evident malfeasance in relation to the Radical Investments scandal.

Mr. Bostic has done the next best thing in announcing his retirement from active politics at the end of the tenure of this government. We get the message.

The revelation by Mr. Payne that the former DLP government leased extensive lands at Coverley, Christ Church to Mr. Maloney for a paltry $100 per year for 99 years tells any thinking person that the era of the DLP-BLP duopoly needs to be brought to an end. The cup of their iniquity has now overflowed.  They are incapable of change.

Therefore, the Barbadian electorate clearly needs to look for leadership beyond these two morally bankrupt parties and their paltry spinoffs.  If the electorate still believes, that in a nation of highly educated people, only these two so-called established parties have what it takes to run this country then we are men and women most miserable!

I understand the fear that potential candidates in “third parties” feel at presenting themselves to the electorate.  I will say again that Barbados is a very vicious and vindictive society, despite presenting itself to the outside world as being “nice people”.  I am speaking generally, of course. 

Donville Inniss was very threatening to Solutions Barbados when it first made its entry to electoral politics in Barbados. But his demise should serve  to embolden those who wish to serve – and I stress serve – this country at the highest level from any other party. Massa day done! 

Accordingly, I do not have any sympathy on account of Mr. Inniss’ incarceration in the USA but I do empathize with his children.  More of his erstwhile colleagues will yet stare lady justice in the face.  Let the SSC say “Amen!”

But I digress. 

Ms. Mottley is on record as lambasting Mr. Maloney on a political platform for all the Barbadian assets that had been “bequeathed” to him by the former Freundel Stuart led DLP administration.

However, as soon as the BLP won the government on May 24, 2018 the Mottley administration promptly set about clearing the Bay Street window to the sea for the Hyatt project on lands preciously owned by business woman, Mrs. Ram Mirchandani.

The Hyatt project, if you did not know, is another of Mr. Mark Maloney’s investments.

To add insult to injury, a previous vociferous opponent of the Hyatt project, Mr. David Commissiong has been singing “Silent Night” from the time he was handed a new hymnal entitled “Ambassador to CARICOM” under the Mottley government.

It used to be said that Barbadians have short memories but that was when we did not have social media. Now we can “LOL” at our periodic, self-induced amnesia and, once we are suitably “plugged in”, have Google give us total recall.

We are well aware that Ms. Mottley and her loyal but morally purblind and duped following will use every stratagem to ensure that she is not a one term Prime Minister.  

Not that she will miss it very much. Having drunk the “Kool Aid” of the globalist agenda and inveigled her way into the global elite, she will have even more access to any number of globalist positions that involve mastering the art of the impresario!


Dr. Aldon Tull is retired educator who holds a Master of Science in International Marketing and the Doctor of Education. 








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  1. Well said Classmate on the George Payne saga. I’m really proud of you coming out of what was back then called one of the lower secondary schools. I’m happy to be a part of PM Class of 1973. I’ll be following your submissions.


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