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Communism, the New Axis of Evil and the Christian Church

Aug 22, 2021

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If you think that the unfolding, shameful withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan has nothing to with us here in Barbados and the Caribbean, think again!  

The whole world is watching as the USA, touted as the bastion of democracy and freedom, religious freedom included, allows itself to be overrun by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  All of this is because the evil forces of communism at work in America knowingly put a weak, senile man in the White House as the 46th president, to do their leftist bidding.

You have seen the disastrous effect of the socialist takeover of Washington at the southern border of the US, the passing of what can only be called “gender confusion” legislation and now the Afghanistan debacle which has left many Americans and Europeans stranded there as well as many Christians who will be summarily killed by the Taliban if caught.

Lest We Forget

While Afghanistan is thousands of miles away from Barbados, its influence has been felt here many times before. Remember the restrictions that were imposed on luggage carried onto airlines and the endless security searches at airports?

Although we have become accustomed to these restrictions, we should not forget that they were the direct the result of the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center and several major acts of terrorism across the world, perpetrated by Al Queda, a terrorist organization headquartered then in Afghanistan. 

With the fall of Afghanistan, a strong new axis of evil has been defined. That axis has coordinates that run right through the Caribbean, including Barbados.  In the remainder of this article we connect the dots.  


Now that America has been pushed out of Afghanistan and the Taliban is in full control of the entire country this time around, it is feared that the way has been paved for the return of Afghanistan to being a terrorist training camp to export terrorists across the world.  

While we have reason to question the appropriateness of some of the operations of the USA in the country, we need to remember that the deployment of the US military was primarily to root out the terrorist cell that spawned there. 

In the process, the peoples of that country got a unique opportunity to hear the gospel and to taste freedom, especially the females, who are virtually sex slaves in that country under the Taliban.

Chinese Communist Party

Almost immediately, a second major force of evil, the Chinese Communist Party has made overtures to the Taliban. This is a strategic move that strengthens the axis of evil against America and the free world.  

There is no secret that the Chinese Government hates America and will do anything to help bring it and the rest of the free world to its knees and under its control.  

China, or more precisely the CCP, has made no secret that it wants to be the supreme world power in the world and for its repressive form of communism to be the dominant style of government in the world.  There is also no secret that the CCP persecutes not only Christians but anyone who opposes the communist party such as the Falun Gong.

There are still some people among us who refuse to acknowledge these facts. Others are completely ignorant of the designs of the CCP.

Iran, Russia and Turkey

The third major force on the axis of evil is Iran, an Islamic country in the middle east next door to Afghanistan.

Iran has set as its goal the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth. To this end, it has pursued the development of a nuclear weapon and supported Israel’s enemies in Gaza and to its north, namely Syria and Lebanon. Additionally, it is a major exporter of terror around the world.

Earlier in the year China made a strategic alliance with Iran thus spitting it against Israel.  Russia and Turkey are also engaged in activities against Israel. Turkey wants to recreate the Ottoman Empire whose capital was Istanbul, a major city in Turkey. The present day capital of Turkey is Ankara.

Russia, for its part, wishes to see the return to the days of the USSR and is therefore eyeing previous members of that union, namely Belarus and Ukraine, for military takeover. Georgia has already been reabsorbed by force.

Connecting the Dots

We in the Caribbean have unwittingly put ourselves directly on the axis of evil by getting into bed with the Chinese.  Under the pretext of needing funds for development, several Caribbean countries have put themselves at the “disposal” of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Incredible as it may seem, Jamaica has handed off management of its Kingston Freeport to the Chinese.  Barbados is reported to have agreed to borrow 490 million from the Chinese adding to the staggering debt of the country. 

It is reported that the Barbados economy lost 2 billion dollars in 2020 because of the virus which is now thought to have started in a Chinese virus research lab.  China has refused to cooperate with the WHO and rest of the world so that they can get a handle on the origins of the virus.  

As far as we are concerned here at Barbados Uncensored, the Chinese government owes Barbados 2 billion dollars!  

Church Must Awake

It is high time that the church in Barbados arises to the increasing challenge being posed by communism and totalitarianism across the world.  If you are not aware of the titanic struggle being waged across the world between good and evil, between Judeo-Christian values and communism, you are definitely in the dark.

Few people in the church in America knew what communism is about.  However, the church there has been rudely awakened by the advent of Joe Biden and the communist influenced Democratic Party.  

It would be interesting to find out how many Barbadians really understand what communism is about beyond it being a form of government. Do they know that it is atheistic by definition and more importantly that is incompatible with personal liberty and private property?

Although Barbados has had diplomatic relations with China for a along time, the Barbados government has beholden itself to China by becoming part of its infamous Belt and Road Initiative and borrowing from it some 490 million dollars.

The PM of Barbados country is on record of showing nonchalance with respect to this government’s association with the Chinese.  She believes she is an equal partner with the Chinese.  It is time that the ecclesia in Barbados tells the nation the scriptural AND logical truth that:

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7 NIV


It is time for the Barbados ecclesia to educate its congregation about communism and the potential influence it is going to have on the envisaged one world government. It must keep itself up-to-date about the activities of the church across the world, especially where Christians are being persecuted, for example, in China, Iraq and the USA!

Above all, the church in Caribbean, and Barbados in particular, needs to keep a watchful eye on their governments and exercise kingdom authority through prayer to drive back the forces of hell which seem to have intensified their activities with advent of the Biden administration.   


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