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Barbadians “Desperate” for Trustworthy Leadership

Aug 15, 2021

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The recent outpourings of ordinary Barbadians in the street as well as on social and mainstream media, especially in the last two weeks, must be seen for what they really are: a desperate cry for trustworthy leadership.  

People all over the world are bone tired of the underlying lies, arrogance, ignorance, manipulation and sheer abuse being meted out by leaders at all levels in the name of covid-19.   Barbadians are no exception.  But there is more.

As the Chef de Partie in Barbados would have it, we are now to be served Republic Dessert along with our menu of lockdowns, care packages and vaccines. The idea, I am guessing, is that Republic Dessert will be like a “spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down” (pun intended).  

Maybe, just maybe, the “sugar rush” of the tokenism associated with taking the Republic Dessert, is supposed to give us “niggeritis” so that we would be in such a hypnotic state that we would not notice that there is actually a law on the statute books called the Referendum Act 2005!

The existence of this law implies that the country can only become a republic if a majority of Barbadians say “yes” on a ballot in a national election to be held for that purpose. By election, the law means “election”!  See our full article on this entitled: Mottley Government Pressuring Barbados to become a Republic: Storm in a Tea Cup? which was partly “blocked” by Facebook, by clicking the image below.

But to what end is this attempt to subvert the sovereign choice of Barbadians?  To understand this, we must first realize that the underlying issue we are facing in Barbados is not unique. If you look beyond the global news and get right inside the issues, what emerges is a clear strategy. That strategy, we submit, is about “control”.

In fact, it is now time to jettison the phrase, “those in leadership” for the more appropriate ,“those in control” because the latter phrase is more descriptive of the underlying dynamic practiced by our modern globalist-minded leaders, that is, the unconcealed lust to gain or extend and retain control over the masses.

So let us say this aloud again and again like a refrain: “democracy is the rule of the people”. As Larry Diamond of Stanford University puts it:

In a democracy, the people are sovereign—they are the highest form of political authority. Power flows from the people to the leaders of government, who hold power only temporarily. 

The problem is that we in the Caribbean in general and Barbados in particular, have for too long relegated the exercise of our sovereign authority to “five minutes in a polling booth every five years” as Lenin sarcastically said. In between elections, we grin and bear it.  C-19 has shown us that that approach is very dangerous!

Some of us have been “foolish” enough to believe that when we elect leaders that they will our trustworthy servants.  Please excuse our naivety here because we were only drawing from our Judeo-Christian heritage. According to that heritage, so powerfully demonstrated by Jesus in washing his disciples’ feet,

“…whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave. Matt 20: 26 -27.

Our leaders are to be our servants, not our masters. Period!

We have a crisis of leadership at all levels.  Public health leaders here and abroad often exhibit divided loyalties: whether to be loyal to “pure” science or the politics of public health policy.  The DLP is in the throes of a leadership battle; the priest versus the lawyer.  In the ruling party, it is the PM versus the PM?  So-called third parties are silent and/ or disorganized as usual, hoping to awake two or three months before the election date (as one actually intimated to Barbados Uncensored, albeit unofficially). 

Apparently, third parties have never heard about strategic planning, drip communications or social penetration theory or that strategy, by definition, is about planning for the medium to long term.  Neither do they seem to understand that there is a golden opportunity out there for leadership from a well organized and articulate third party.  But we digress.

Now, you can go on believing that all these grabs for total control of the populace across the world are a coincidence and that there is no strategy behind them.  Suit yourself.  But at some point in the very near future, even the most skeptical are going to have to admit that there has been an evil hand strategizing and coordinating everything behind the scenes for a long time. 

It is no longer a conspiracy theory; it is an actual, live plot.  So all of this stuff about c-19 is a build-up, a conditioning if you like, for an actual one world government or “Great Reset” as it is now euphemistically called by the World Economic Forum and the  IMF.  It is the same motive behind the climate change hyperbole (with many scientists disagree, incidentally), the ongoing tinkering with the global financial system as well as the attack on national borders and sensible immigration policy. 

Moreover, the fact that this global mindset has much in common with socialism / communism explains most, if not all, of the destructive decisions being made by the present administration in our neighbour to the north.

Globalists and their apologists (of which they are many in the media) will never admit their true intentions. The reason why they can hoodwink us is because some critics of globalism keep talking about about “a global elite” which they never identify.  So try these two thought experiments and see if they will help.

The first thought experiment is easy: Would it it be easier or harder to tackle climate change if there were on global government? 

The second experiment is a little more complex. Find a good accountant or anyone who understands the finer accounting issues in international trade and ask him or her what would happen to investments in different countries and in different currencies  (in terms of risk for example), if there were one global currency as compared to now when there are different currencies and different exchange rates.  Then, just for starters, ask yourself: who will benefit from a change to a one world currency/financial system?

We have to continue to fight for our God-given freedom because freedom is a fundamental tenet of our Judeo-Christian heritage.  However, the holy book of that Judeo-Christian heritage (the Bible) tells us that the battle will eventually be lost and there will be a one-world government, at least for a while (See Revelation 13:16). 

We have no good reason to doubt the Scripture on this point because modern science and archeology have allowed us to prove that it has been right on every major event to date including the flood, the Red Sea crossing, the birth and death of the Messiah and the return of Israel to its home in the middle east.

In the meantime, all of us now have to bear the load of being vigilant about our freedom EVERYDAY in addition to making a living, enjoying family, worship and procreating. We can only trust “those in control” as far as you can see them.


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